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Transporting a motorcycle, bike, scooter or moped to Ireland  from the UK or,from the UK to Ireland is something we do at ALL times of the year … yes yes yes ALL TIMES !

Take comfort in the fact that we transport bikes to Ireland from all counties in the UK and Vice Versa. We can even arrange motorcycle transport for you in Europe with our colleagues.

Once you have contacted us and we have discussed we will then get the ball rolling in regards to transport and get you our customer united with the bike …We have various rates available for you and can even arrange "exclusive" transport for your machine.

For the customer it really is worth your while asking extra questions of the buyer and spending that little extra time for peace of mind doing the homework ...


  • Is the seller the registered keeper of the bike on the V5 logbook ?
  • How long have they owned the bike ?
  • Does the registration match that of the logbook ?
  • Does the engine / frame number match ?
  • Ensure you are sent detailed photos of the bike.
  • Is there any damage ?
  • What are the bad points along with the good ?
  • Is there any history and or paperwork ?
  • Ensure to do HPI & other checks to ensure that not stolen recovered or accident damage write off.
  • Think of having a mechanic check out your purchase for you.
  • Stay well clear of sellers who want to meet at side of the road and have no paperwork !
  • Always use a reputable registered bike transporter
  • Insurance whilst in transitwww.novasinsurance.com/referrals/gob-transport

G.O.B  Transport Limited will not transport ANY bike / item related without relevant paperwork.

Did you know we also ship mopeds, scooters, bicycles , sport-bikes, touring bikes, trikes and ride on lawnmowers and quads?

That’s right. So if you have a “ new toy” or a “restoration piece” to ship to or from Ireland then please send us a an e mail or contact us directly today through this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have been in the business now for many years and as the customer you are the most important person to us … Our motto ” Putting the customer first ”

Call Gerard today and if possible please ALWAYS leave a TEXT or voicemail on 07936 929225 or

087 6707771

or email

info@gobtransport.uk and info@gob.ie

GOB Transport is a Limited Company Registration number 10492793

Registered Office - Victoria Rd, Northenden, Manchester. M22 4JP

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What we are about …


GOB Transport Limited ... your first stop for Bike transport

G.O.B Transport Limited is a registered Company based in Manchester UK, and over the years has made many contacts and friends and contacts in N.I and Ireland. Many of our customers are returning customers. we have bases in the UK and Ireland ...

At G.O.B Transport we travel any distance for collection or delivery of your motorbikes. Our prices are very competitive so why not contact us for an absolute no obligation quotation … making our transport its very best especially for you ...

Gerard himself has been in the transport business for many many years and in very different roles and has spent many a long hour on the roads in all conditions … ” Bringing your items home “

Our Transportation & Delivery service operates throughout all areas of the UK, Northern Ireland & all areas of Ireland. We have also travelled throughout Europe. We transport deliver and collect motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters,engines, mopeds, tools and bicycles, ride on lawnmowers and everything else !

We always look forward to moving interesting and unusual items. With our colleagues we have well over 60 years experience in the business ...

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If it can fit into one of the vans we will do our very best to assist you. Distance is no object to us … Whether it’s a borrowed wheelbarrow from Watford to Waterford, a Bike from Bradford to Belmullet  or a chair from Castlebar to Coventry… we can assist …

Ask us for a QUOTE NOW The most important person to us is YOU. If after receiving our quote you think you have received a better one elsewhere then please discuss with us. GOB Transport Limited is a long term established business.


G.O.B Transport Limited     ” Putting the Customer First ”


You can also contact us by telephone / voicemail or text …

UK 07936 929225

IRL 087 6707771

or via direct e mail to



and visit


For an Insurance quote whilst your motorcycle is in transit or for any other no obligation quote visit the link for our friends at Novas -



 We are based in Co. Mayo, Ireland, and also in the UK and as G & M Transport we will travel any distance for cllection, removals or delivery. Our prices are very competitive so why not contact us for an absolute no obligation quotation … Mayo transport … transport at its very best




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Name: Gerard O'Brien - GOB Transport Limited
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